What’s Working NOW In Copywriting By John McIntyre – Free Download Course


What’s Working NOW In Copywriting By John McIntyre – Free Download Course – Drop Dead Copy

You Want To Know What’s Working Now In Copywriting?

…And How Can You Position Yourself For Runaway Success As The Vaccines Roll Out And The World Opens Up Again? Enjoy this free download, which is available exclusively at The Grey Hat Mafia.

Here Are The Experts And Here’s What They’re Going To Teach You:

Adil Amarsi | The Michelangelo of Offer Creation
He’s been called The Alchemist of Persuasion, The StorySeller and most notably The Michelangelo of Offer Creation. With $821M in tracked sales to his name (mostly via email), it’s no wonder why.

In Adil’s interview, you’ll discover:

How the stock-standard rags-to-riches “hero’s journey” story template is DEAD (plus, 7 little-known story templates you need to use instead alongside 4 storytelling pillars)
How to prepare yourself for the onslaught of robo-copywriters and artificial intelligence (what to do so you don’t get left behind)
How to use humor and tell jokes that win your audience over – even if you’re not a funny person (including specific techniques for ratcheting up the comedic value in ANY story)
How to get clients, win sales and make money by simply being yourself (say goodbye to hype, sleazy tricks and fakeness and hello to ______)
How to turn your childhood horror stories into laugh-out-loud rants that drive your audience wild
Adil Amarsi truly is the Michelangelo of Offer Creation. Any marketing professional knows that world class sales copy is like icing on the cake… the cake is your offer. And Adil is an artist at this stuff.

Brad Costanzo


Ben Settle | Obnoxious Slacker Email Coach
The best of the best when it comes to email.

The world’s most respected and highest paid marketers and copywriters repeatedly go out of their way to praise this obnoxious slacker email coach to the moon.

In Ben’s interview, you’ll discover:

Why Ben believes artificial intelligence for copywriters is like a copywriting sex robot (plus, what to do about it so the sex robots don’t win)
Why Ben says Covid-19 works like the “Super Soldier Serum” in the Captain America movies (and what this means for copywriters like you and me)
How to dance in the rain instead of waiting for the storm to pass (Ben’s best ideas for THRIVING as Covid-19 continues and the world opens up)
How to get “slam dunk clients” to choose you instead of the competition… even if you’re not the world’s best copywriter
Why direct marketers like Ben love recessions (plus, how to turn the chaos of 2020/2021 to your advantage)
Good copy intoxicates me. [Ben’s] is high proof. I’m enjoying it.
Gary Bencivenga


Bond Halbert | Son of the late, great Gary Halbert
Gary Halbert was one of the greatest copywriters and marketing minds that ever graced this Earth. And in this bundle his son Bond – another amazing marketing mind – gives us a delightful peek inside the Halbert operating system.

In Bond’s interview, you’ll discover:

How to get laser-focused insights about your prospects by “walking a mile in their shoes (without this, you’ll never be a great copywriter)
Why you need to get rid of your swipe file if you want to be an A-list copywriter
How to make your writing entertaining and impossible to resist (once readers start reading, they’ll never stop)
Bond’s surprising advice to copywriters about artificial intelligence (it has something to do with levels of marketplace sophistication)
A weirdly-useful trick for finding amazing stories (don’t settle for mediocre stories – use this trick to get A-list level stories for your copy)
…I never doubt [Kevin and Bond’s] instincts in business, and I know first-hand that they sucked up every detail of marketing wisdom from their dad possible. They have the Halbert mojo…
John Carlton


Chris Orzechowski | The Email Copywriter
He used to be a school teacher. Then he took my course and a few others. Now he’s one of the top email copywriters in the world.

Among other things… He wrote all of the copy for a Kickstarter launch that raised over $5,170,445 in 30 days (and became the 18th biggest Kickstarter project of all time). He then recycled that campaign and re-launched the following year… earning another $4,000,000+.

In Chris’ interview, you’ll discover:

How to position yourself as a copywriter as we come out of Covid-19 so that you explode out of the gate instead of limping along like a one-legged man
How to write with fire and flair so you stand out like a purple cow amidst all the boring brands and copywriters
The “trojan horse” secret to specialization as a freelance copywriter in 2021 (now you can get more clients with less effort even if you’re new)
The single biggest mistake you can make as a copywriter as the world opens up again
How to find what energizes you so work feels like play (and you kick resistance and procrastination to the curb)
Chris consistently writes ads and copy that generates leads and millions of dollars in sales for us. He’s a true pro in an industry of many average copywriters.
John Assaraf


Daniel Throssell | “Australia’s Best Copywriter”
He’s been called “Australia’s best copywriter”. He’s the copywriter behind multiple 7- & 8-figure promos … the launch funnel for the bestselling book in Australian history … the concept of the email ‘Parallel Welcome Sequence’ … and, well, he thinks he might have the world’s craziest welcome email.

In Daniel’s interview, you’ll discover:

How he’s growing his copywriting business FAST without using the same old tired, worn out copywriting strategies everyone uses
How to take “the road less traveled” in your marketing so that your clients and customers see you as a heroic leader instead of a “me too” copywriting hamster
How to turn your email campaigns into a vivid, engaging parallel universe that sucks readers in and gets them addicted to your emails
Why you need to get a little more ridiculous with your copy and a little less professional if you want to stand out
How to use the teacher-student frame to get people to WANT to follow you and do what you say (warning: this is powerful stuff – use ethically)
Daniel walked through my door a few years ago and totally transformed my business. He’s not just a copywriter. He’s the best damn marketer in Australia.
Scott Pape


Derek Johanson | Founder of CopyHour
The founder of CopyHour – the work-your-ass-off copywriting course that’s been featured on Forbes & Early To Rise, used by some of the top copywriters on the planet and helped several students go from 0 to 6 figures in under a year.

In Derek’s interview, you’ll discover:

The sneaky Apple iOS update that’s made email copywriting 100x more important than it was (email is definitely NOT dead)
How to use artificial intelligence and robo-copywriting tools to speed up your writing process and earn more money in less time
One weird but powerful trick for building rapport, trust and connections in your emails, sales copy and videos
The “tried and true” method to building your skills as a copywriter that still works great in spite of Covid-19, lockdowns, etc
How to use the near-magical power of “celebrity persuasion” to get subscribers and customers hooked into your universe
CopyHour [Derek’s course] has been awesome for me. I am a freelance copywriter and the work I have done since joining CopyHour has been killing it – selling a lot of my client’s products.
Dan Ferrari


Drayton Bird | Sold His Agency To David Ogilvy
The great David Ogilvy said “Drayton Bird knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world.” Gary Bencivenga, widely regarded before retirement as the world’s best direct marketing copywriter, said “Drayton’s books are “among [his] most valued possessions”. Joe Sugarman says he’s “witty and practical, but never boring”.

He’s been in the copywriting game longer than just about anyone else (62 years and counting) so he has a perspective that no one else can match.

In Drayton’s interview, you’ll discover:

How to become a better copywriter without writing more copy (turns out, copywriting isn’t just about copywriting)
Drayton’s interesting take on artificial intelligence (and whether or not he believes AI is a serious threat to copywriters)
Where exactly is the money when it comes to your customers? Where to look? What to focus on? What to spend your time on?
The surprising book that Drayton says every professional copywriter reads (he says your an amateur if you haven’t read this book)
What Drayton believes is different due to Covid-19 and the chaos of 2020/2021 (plus, what to focus on in the future)
Drayton Bird knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world.
David Ogilvy


Jacob McMillen | Ranks #1 in Google US for “copywriter”
Freelance copywriter for 8 years. Now teaches other copywriters his methods for success. Ranks #1 in Google US for “copywriter” and helped 10-15 students cross the $10k/month earning mark this year.

In Jacob’s interview, you’ll discover:

The “unofficial case study” strategy: how to build A-list authority even if you don’t have the world’s biggest companies as your clients (yet…)
The two types of copy that are showing MORE demand than ever before (even after the Covid-19 chaos)
The best (and WORST) niches and industries to focus on as we come out of Covid-19, lockdowns and political instability
How to plan your client outreach campaigns in light of Covid-19 (should you start small or go big from day 1?)
How an unknown copywriting rookie got paid $1k for a guest post on one of the biggest digital marketing websites in the world
More concrete, actionable steps than 90% of the experts have in their materials. You’ve made all of this information direct, to the point, no b.s.
Kay H


Jay White | The “OG” Email Copywriter
Direct Response Marketing Guru Alex Mandossian calls him, “The best autoresponder copywriter I’ve ever seen”…

Leading Internet Marketing Expert Rich Schefren confesses, “I literally begged him to be my exclusive copywriter”…

Multi-Million-Dollar Product Launch Maven Jeff Walker states, “I’d like to keep him locked up as my secret weapon”…

And Motivational Speaker and Life Coach Stephen Pierce says, “If you’re looking for high-quality, relationship-driven emails that pull massive click-thrus, hire this guy!”

That’s Jay White – a leading direct response copywriter who has spent much of his career crafting sizzling hot emails and follow up autoresponders for the biggest names in the direct response and internet marketing world.

In Jay’s interview, you’ll discover:

How Jay built his freelance copywriting business from 0 to 7+ figures (includes specific steps you can follow to get your own clients)
The 3-email sequence Jay swears by and teaches to his copywriting students (with the exact words you need for each email – fill in the blanks and hit send!)
How to find million-dollar clients who fall over themselves to hire you (with Jay’s client-selection strategy, you’ll only speak to people who can’t wait to work with you)
Why you should NEVER call yourself a “copywriter” or say you write emails or sales pages in your cold emails (and what to say instead for maximum results)
How to get 10 copywriting leads a day for 3 months without lifting a finger or doing any research
The best autoresponder copywriter I’ve ever seen.
Alex Mandossian


Joanna Wiebe | Founder of Copyhackers
The original conversion copywriter and the creator of Copyhackers and the Copy Chief at CH Agency.

For nearly 15 years, incredible companies like BT, Canva, Glowforge, Intuit, MetaLab, Prezi, SAP, Sprout Social and VWO have trusted her to optimize their copy.

In Joanna’s interview, you’ll discover:

Why bullshit, tricks, hype and sleaze don’t work anymore (and what successful copywriters in 2021 do instead)
The EXACT niche Joanna would focus on if she started her copywriting career from the beginning in 2021
Seth Godin’s guide to cohort-based online courses (hot tip: cohort-based learning is going to be huge in 2021 and beyond)
One fun-but-dangerous niche to avoid like the plague at the moment if you want to stay in business
Joanna’s take on the classic internet marketing launch training (and why she’ll never take online course creators as clients)
Joanna is the best copywriter I’ve ever met, hands down. One of the things that makes her so freakin’ good is her unique ability to combine finely-tuned intuition from years of experience with solid research.
Michael Aagaard


Jon Benson | Invented the Video Sales Letter
Invented the world’s first “ugly” video sales letter, or VSL. The VSL went on to do well over $12B annually for marketers in virtually every online industry.

Created a software-driven VSL copywriting system (called NowVSL) and now focused on CopyPro, an AI-driven email copy tool. According to Jon, CopyPro allows marketers to generate A-list calibre promo and content emails with a few clicks of the mouse.

In Jon’s interview, you’ll discover:

The marketing medium that’s skyrocketed in use in the last 12 months (if you want to cut through the clutter, focus on THIS medium)
How to NOT be tone-deaf as a copywriter in the post-covid era (if you get this wrong, you’ll lose people before you get to your pitch)
How Jon uses “NLP driven” questions to leverage deep, primal emotions in people (remember, people buy on emotion and justify with logic so you better be good at getting their emotions going)
Jon’s unique approach to artificial intelligence (and why most AI-copywriting tools get it wrong)
How to use chaos to your advantage in 2021 and beyond (chaos brings incredible opportunities – IF you know where to look)
Jon comes up with more creative ideas that
sell than just about anyone I know.
Ryan Diess


Jon Buchan | Achieved meagre notoriety for writing drunk cold emails
Got hellishly drunk one night and wrote a completely absurd cold email.

Sent that email.

Got meetings with senior decision makers at RedBull, Pepsi, Symantec, Hewlett-Packard, HSBC, Barclays and countless other global brands, exciting start-ups and regular ol’ SMEs.

Now he teaches his strategies to other unfortunate folks.

In Jon’s interview, you’ll discover:

The completely absurd cold email that helped Jon achieve meagre notoriety (plus, how to write your own version based on his)
How Jon uses humor to cut through the online marketing BS, noise and clutter like a hot knife through butter
Hilarious techniques from stand-up comedy applied to copywriting (comic triple, breaking the fourth, callous countdown clock and many more)
How to use weird but refreshing honesty to surprise people and win them to your worthy cause (and how to take the piss out of marketing cliches and still win big)
Jon’s “Covid-19 Survival Guide”: The best opportunities for copywriters and marketers as we come out of this shitstorm
I’ve been able to work with some really big people who I never thought I would even be in communication with.


Kevin Halbert | Son of the late, great Gary Halbert
Like his Dad, Kevin is a copywriter and marketing consultant who has written award-winning ads in health & wellness, high-tech communications, finance, and more.

He has tripled conversion rates for clients and his direct mail campaigns have generated an astonishing 10% response to cold leads.

In Kevin’s interview, you’ll discover:

2 “trump card” questions every copywriter needs to ask before they write anything in 2021
How most copywriters get research wrong and focus on the wrong insights (focus on THIS instead…)
Kevin’s “idea s____er” stance on artificial intelligence when it comes to copywriting
How Kevin would start from scratch in 2021 if he couldn’t use his name or network
The best piece of advice Kevin has for freelance copywriters (get this wrong and you’ll never break ahead of the pack)
…I never doubt [Kevin and Bond’s] instincts in business, and I know first-hand that they sucked up every detail of marketing wisdom from their dad possible. They have the Halbert mojo…
John Carlton


Mike Abramov | Direct response copywriter and consultant
Direct response copywriter and consultant based in LA, California. Written for juggernauts like Agora, PaleoHacks, The Dig Agency, NativePath, and Organifi. Rated by A-list copywriters liked Kim Krause Schwalm.

Also coaches up-and-coming copywriters on how to resolve mental and emotional blocks in their writing and client-attraction processes.

In Mike’s interview, you’ll discover:

What is the best way to beat a control? (hint: it has nothing to do with writing better copy)
Why Mike laughs in the face of the upcoming AI revolution (plus, how Mike plans to run circles around AI in the decades to come)
The Covid-19 angle that isn’t working anymore (don’t use this angle unless you want a flat, boring response)
One excruciatingly hard-to-master secret that separates B-level copywriters from A-level copywriters
The most important thing to figure out before you write a lick of copy (ignore this and you’ll be like everyone else)

Roy Furr | Direct Response Copywriter and Coach
Worked with and mentored under the best-of-the-best direct marketers — Titans of our industry — the masters of spending $1 on advertising and having it come back, with a customer in tow, often with friends.

Also coached multiple copywriters to write top controls in their industries and land gigs at some of the world’s biggest, most successful direct response businesses. Primarily coach on writing long-form direct response sales promotions.

In Roy’s interview, you’ll discover:

How it’s not enough to simply be a copywriter in 2021 (and the other skills you need to learn if you want to stand out and get the best clients)
Instead of tactics that go in and out of fashion, focus on ETERNAL ______ instead
How Roy cultivates empathy to improve his copywriting (includes 2 specific practices and 2 books to read)
Roy Furr vs Artificial Intelligence (Is Roy worried? How is he preparing? What you can do to prepare?)
Roy’s counterintuitive way to improve your copywriting chops without working on your copywriting chops
I don’t like to put anything out there that’s really important, that’s gotta move the needle, without running it past Roy.
Perry Marshall


Shiv Shetti | Inventor of The Flaming Camel
Ex-copywriter turned coach who now helps other entrepreneurial copywriters ‘level up’ FAST by landing $3k-$5k/month retainers on demand.

He’s been endorsed by A-listers and world-class copywriting educators, and his top coaching students earn between $15k and $20k/month, with many more in the 6-figure club… plus a long line of others who’ve swapped the feast and famine for consistent incomes ranging between $3k and $8k/month.

In Shiv’s interview, you’ll discover:

Where to find your biggest edge as a copywriter (it has nothing to do with finding clients or writing better copy)
Why you need to stop worshipping massive old school direct response companies (the tide is turning on them – find out why here)
How more than ever you need to be E_______ (in 2021 and beyond, the copywriters who do this will pull ahead of everyone else)
How to use Shiv’s “flaming camel” process to land $3-5k/month retainers with 6, 7 and 8 figure clients on demand
How to build insanely deep connections with your audience with gentle self-deprecation (take the piss out of yourself but DON’T overdo it)
I’ve gone from struggling to break $1k/month… to hitting a consistent $8k/month.
Michael Diggins


Here’s The Crazy Aussie Copywriter Who Interviews Them…

John McIntyre | The Autoresponder Guy
Teaches people how to become well-paid email copywriters, quit their day jobs and live the freelance copywriting lifestyle (including Chris Orzechowski and Shiv Shetti).

Mentioned on Forbes, Entrepreneur.com, Digital Marketer, Business.com, Shopify and many more.

Host of The Email Marketing Podcast (more than half a million downloads).

Spoke at marketing conferences like the industry favorite Traffic and Conversion Summit.

When it comes to all things email marketing and email copywriting, John’s THE guy.

If You Want To Crush It In 2021 And Beyond As A Copywriter, You Need These Interviews
While I Could Have Released These Interviews For Free, The Information Is Too Good, Too Precious And Too Powerful To Be Released Publicly
If I put these interviews out for free so that they’re available for every Tom, Dick and Harry, the strategies would get worn out and over-used before most people had a chance to use them.

That’s why I’ve put a price tag on them.

It’s not an outrageous price tag… it’s just something to make sure only the most committed copywriters have access to this information.

If that’s you, great! Please keep reading.

If not, there’s plenty of free info out there… go check that out. Just remember that anything in the public domain is less likely to work.

As with most things, you get what you pay for.

Remember, In This Bundle Of Interviews, You’ll Find Out What’s Working Now In Copywriting…
…Including How To Position Yourself For Runaway Success As The Vaccines Roll Out And The World Opens Up Again
Here Are The Interviews You Get Today

Adil Amarsi ($500 Value)

Ben Settle ($500 Value)

Bond Halbert ($500 Value)

Chris Orzechowski ($500 Value)

Daniel Throssell ($500 Value)

Derek Johanson ($500 Value)

Drayton Bird ($500 Value)

Jacob McMillen ($500 Value)

Jay White ($500 Value)

Joanna Wiebe ($500 Value)

Jon Benson ($500 Value)

Jon Buchan ($500 Value)

Kevin Halbert ($500 Value)

Mike Abramov($500 Value)

Roy Furr ($500 Value)

Shiv Shetti ($500 Value)

Total Value: $8,000

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