Elite Closers Club By Alex Tretjakov – Free Download Course


Elite Closers Club By Alex Tretjakov – Free Download Course

Ready to start closing like it’s no big deal?

What you’ll get:

4-step seamless framework I’ve been using in my 18-year-long career that generated me 8 figures in closed deals online and can be applied to any kind of sales — from insurances to multi millionaire deals

Bonus exercises to practice what you’ve learned and become an absolute sales tycoon

Accountability community to share & exchange insights and best practices

Give your prospect
a reason to like you.
Aka build some rapport!

So I like to explain this topic comparing sales to dating, right…

Because the truth is – trying to sell your products or services is just
like trying to get someone to date you!

And speaking of dating, I am assuming that you have plenty of
game – so tell me about some of your best moves? (please share in
the comments your approach to dating that could be translated into

First thing first is not to be desperate – no one would like to be with a desperate partner. Desperation is just no fun. So get some confidence under your belt – or just pretend to be confident. Either one will do. Enjoy this free download, which is available exclusively at The Grey Hat Mafia.

Now let’s build some sort of connection with the person so that they can start trusting you. If your potential date doesn’t trust you – I am pretty sure we can all agree that it is an issue. If you do a good job here, they’ll eventually lower the guard and be more receptive to what you have to say.

Imagine a situation when you meet someone for the first time and the first thing out of their mouth is: “Nice to meet you – want to get married?” HOLY CRAP THIS ONE IS A NUTTER – will you not want to run away from that situation as soon as possible?

Forget about fancy techniques – honestly the best way to do this is just look for things that you have incommon with that person. Do you have hobbies in common, current events you can talk about etc. – real simple things you can learn about another person and find something similar in your life. IN other words ask them questions and be genuinely interested in them. Forget selling for now. Just get to know them, like you would a potential date. What do they value, what do they struggle with?

So this tip alone is gonna change your mind about
selling and might just land you a close this week…

The art of selling without selling is very simple – IF YOU CAN SOLVE
that this problem might be described as a pain point of some sort –
meaning they are struggling to find a solution at the right price to
something they are struggling with.)

Before you can do that tho you really need to understand them –
that is why the previous step is so important. If you don’t have a
real connection to that person they will not tell you the truth.
But if they open up to you, and you ask the right questions
you will learn what they are really struggling with.

How do you do this?
The next time you have a client on a call, after you build some rapport, get them to trust you and open up to you, it’s time to start asking strategic questions. Find out everything you can about what they are struggling with.

Then all you have to do is present your service in a form of a solution for their problem. You basically tell them of a way to solve their pain by using your service. “Here is what you could try [Mr. Prospect] we have this amazing service [X] and it actually solves this specific problem [Y] you mentioned.
This is how it works …”

Once they trust you enough and you provide them a solution to their pain, most of the time you won’t even need to ask for the sale… they’ll be the ones asking you: when can we get started?

So in summary – become their friend and solve their problems.
No sales needed!

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