7-Figure Selling Academy By Cole Gordon – Free Download Course


7-Figure Selling Academy By Cole Gordon – Free Download Course

Discover How We Recruit, Hire & Train Top 1% Sales Reps!

Sales pro Cole Gordon shows coaches, consultants, and agencies how to recruit, hire, and train top 1% sales talent. Is he legit? You’re about to find out. Read on.

Enjoy this free download, which is available exclusively at The Grey Hat Mafia.


Sales Team Accelerator – The Accelerator is designed for:

Service providers
Sales professionals
Our expertise lies in creating ethical selling frameworks that eliminate awkwardness and sales pressure, and building a team of setters & closers that delivers consistency and predictability for the business.

We help our clients master leadership-driven sales, recruit & hire A-Players, and set up systems to get them OFF the phones. Most clients start saving at least one “lost” deal per week within the first 30-60 days.

As it gets underway, Cole casually lists some of the more well-known marketers they’ve worked with: Frank Kern, Tanner Chidester, Joel Kaplan, Aleric Heck, Chris Evans, Taylor Welch, etc.

Next, he qualifies everyone watching: you must be a coach, consultant or agency owner with a validated offer and your lead gen dialed-in, wanting to hire new sales reps or boost the performance of current reps.

If that’s you, Cole continues, you need to understand that it’s not just about finding talented salespeople. Your offer, systems, stats, momentum, and company culture need to be on point as well.

Otherwise, it’ll be hard to attract winners; and even if you get ’em, they won’t stay.

Step one is to eliminate “Founder Syndrome.” That’s where you give your sales peeps recordings of your sales calls and expect it to magically work for them. (It won’t.)

Why? Because, as the creator of the program, prospects put you on a pedestal. So you can get away with not being very good on the phone and still close deals.

Your sales team won’t have that same luxury. They need tools and tactics to be able to close with no advantages.

Step two is to have an attractive OTE (On Track Earnings). What’s that, right?

Basically, you need to be able to show potential new sales hires what they could realistically make selling for you, based on lead volume, comp structure, and your current average closing rate.

Third and final, you need “sales enablement assets” (content that pre-sells); position scorecards (so they know where they stand); tracking systems (so they know they’ll get paid what they deserve); and day-to-day operating procedures (so everything runs smoothly and predictably).

From here, Cole warns, you simply cannot risk hiring the wrong person. Too much money’s on the line. Not to mention, the opportunity cost of getting them trained up that could’ve been spent on the right hire.

How do you limit the chance of mis-hiring? You need A) an abundance of applicants and B) aggressive screening.

Then you need a proven ramp up system that’ll get new reps into KPI as soon as possible.

Plus daily leadership that keeps them inspired and pushing hard.

And if you’re thinking, “Ain’t nobody got time for all that!” Well, fear not, Cole’s got your back. He asks that you book a “sales team audit” call and go from there.

7 Figure Sales Consulting Call


The #1 mistake we see with clients is trying to build a team with no foundation. Two keys to a solid foundation? 1) assets 2) economics. Assets means a validated offer and repeatable sales process. Economics = a comp structure that scales. This is what attracts A-Players and makes it possible for your sales team to WIN.

Hiring from a place of abundance (vs scarcity) is the secret to avoiding a high churn rate. We vet and topgrade potential recruits FOR you before you even interview them. Then we help you build out a “farm team” by developing your own pipeline of potential candidates (and keep it flowing 24/7.)

The biggest risk in hiring A-Players? “Ramp-time.” AKA how long it takes a closer to go from zero → KPI. The opportunity cost of having someone stuck in sales purgatory where they’re at 15% instead of 30% is huge. Our “on-ramp” process downloads everything I learned on my way to doing 400K/m+ solo into your closers as quickly as possible.

By this point, you’re off the phone completely. But if you want to transition into being a real CEO, you’ll need to focus on the systems that keep the machine humming. Morning meets, end of day check-ins, tracking dashboards, etc. Making data-driven decisions and creating a culture where people WANT to stick around. This is how you scale to high 7-figure or even 8-figure sales.

Case Studies Included!

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